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West Auckland Airport, Parakai

FoD or Food?

Airports have a safety focus, which is why flying is safer than driving on the road. Recently Carreen Lockie, who is the Safety Committee secretary, was carrying out a taxiway inspection, with HiViz jacket and dogs on leads. Dogs are good at noticing anything different, and they found a small piece of metal on the taxiway. This didn't interest them much... being 'Foreign Object Debris' (FoD) not 'Food', but they told the human about it and it did interest her.

The piece was passed to the engineering apprentice, James, who looked at it and immediately said, 'That's a cowl fastening lug off an RV'. James will discuss it with the Chief Engineer, Bryn, and the RV concerned will be checked and the fixed before the next flight. Not a biggie in this case, though a cowl flapping in the breeze is certainly not desirable, and investigating anything unusual is what keeps everything running smoothly.

Dogs: Can we eat this? Human: Where did this come from?

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