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West Auckland Airport, Parakai, planes outside hangers at sunrise

Rate Card for Operations and Hangars

To remain the same in real terms, fees and charges are automatically adjusted without notice on 1st April each year, by the previous calendar years change in CPI.  

Landing and Parking Fees from 1st April 2024:

Itinerant Aircraft Landing Fee for Private Operations/Training: 

One fee per Landing, which covers an immediate continuous series of Touch and Go, Stop and Go, and circuits.

Microlight $12.99

All other non commercial $12.53 + $7.7567 / Tonne of MTOW


Resident Aircraft Facilities Fee:

Unlimited Private movements for up to 3 named pilots $418.39 per year

Additional pilots each one third of the above.

Landing Fees Commercial Operators (other than flight training) by negotiation.

Casual overnight parking, same cost as the Microlight landing fee for all aircraft up to 3500kg.  


Annual Facilities Fee for Resident Private Aircraft: Any aircraft that stays at the Airport for more than 14 days in a 21 day period is considered 'resident'. The Annual facilities fee covers unlimited landings for a specific named aircraft and use of facilities, for aircraft that are based at the airport and used only for private operations. If a mix of private/commercial operations applies, discuss with Airport Manager. Permission to base an aircraft at West Auckland Airport requires agreement of the management.  

Public Service Organisations: Police, Ambulance, Fire, Rescue, Coastguard, and Angel Flight (if identified as such at time of landing): No charge. If not identified at the time of landing, 'Itinerant' rates...  retrospective credits are not available.

Touch & Goes, Low Approach and Go Around: The first descent below 500ft over the airport is charged at the Landing fee rate, and subsequent movements in a continuous series of 'Touch and Go'  or 'Go around' are no charge. All movements must remain over the runway centre line and below 500ft along the whole length of the runway to ensure separation from parachutes which may cross the runway above 1000ft.   

Pursuant to CAA rule CAR 91.311(c) an aircraft is not permitted to fly below 500ft (outside of a designated Low Flying Area) except for the purpose of conducting a take-off or landing which may be balked or discontinued.  Any such flight below 500ft over WAAP is made lawful by the availability of WAAP’s facilities and constitutes “Using the Airport”.

Hangar Fees 

Ground Rents

14m x 15m Hangar     (South facing)                               $275.150 / month

14m x 12.5m Hangar   (North facing)                               $214.20 / month

Custom Hangar sizes, in proportion.

Establishment:  For new hangars only, a one off fee paid per hangar before construction begins.

A commercial lease with rights of renewal is provided, similar to those used for shops, factories and other commercial premises.  Contact the Airport Manager, Simon Lockie  Ph 09 420 8010  Email

Percentage of Outgoings:  Charged annually to cover a fixed percentage of Council rates and shared costs as per the lease document.

15m x 14m & 12.5m x 14m                                                       2% of total cost to airport.

Custom Hangar Sizes                                                                in proportion to North facing hangars.


Power/water/waste connections are available and are costed individually depending on requirements. $POA.                                                                   

Terms and Conditions for using the West Auckland Airport, Parakai and it's Facilities. 

By entering the West Auckland Airport, Parakai you are agreeing to the latest Terms/Conditions/Fees as published on the this website which are subject to change without notice.  

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Airport Landing Plate found in the AIP

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