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West Auckland Airport, Parakai, planes outside hangers at sunrise

Book a plane or lesson

Hire one of our planes  - ZK-CDL and ZK-ECL

Hire to Independent Pilots:  West Auckland Airport's aircraft are available for independent hire to pilots approved by West Auckland Airport Company Ltd (WAACL). By booking an aircraft you indicate that your Pilots License, Biennial Flight Review & Medical are current and that you are flying within the conditions of your license. Book with Aircraft Booking Systems.

Hire to Instructors for Student Pilots:  Every solo flight by a student pilot requires instructor authorisation, and supervision to the extent that the instructor  considers necessary. Before an instructor sends a student on their FIRST solo, they are to do a few circuits with a different instructor who agrees that they are ready. Book with Aircraft Booking Systems.

Hirage of ZK-CDL and ZK-ECL - Terms and Conditions. 

West Auckland Airport training plane CDL sitting on the apron at sunrise


Tecnam P92 Echo Super

Italian built with an aluminium airframe and skins, this aircraft is perfect for both Microlight licence holders and PPL pilots. Powered by a reliable Rotax 912S engine, the Techam P92 Echo Super offers a fuel consumption of 17 L/hour at 110kts (approximately 8L/100km). It is designed to run on normal unleaded petrol (Mogas) but can also use Avgas if necessary. Book your flight today!


Tecnam P96 Golf 100

This state-of-the-art aircraft offers unmatched fuel efficiency, reaching impressive speeds while ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a first-time flyer, our team will provide you with all the necessary information and guidance. Book your flight today!

West Auckland Airport training plane ECL sitting outside hangers at sunrise

Flight training operators

There are several Flight Training Organisations at West Auckland Airport Parakai.

They provide pilot training from a person's first trial flight, through to them becoming a fully licensed pilot able to hire aircraft for their own use, and authorised to fly anywhere in NZ solo, or with a passenger.

Fixed wing training in a side-by-side two seat Tecnam P92, full enclosed with dual controls and fitted with a 'whole aircraft' emergency parachute.

Gyrocopter training in the latest Titanium framed gyro with two tandem seats, open cockpit, and dual control.

Skydive training from solo sports jumper level to qualified commercial 'Tandem Master' authorised to jump with a passenger attached.

CDP Aviation logo Achieve the dream learn to fly with CDP aviation

High Performance
Microlight Pilot Training in Auckland

Contact us to book a trial flight experience.


Includes a full pre flight briefing, comprehensive pre-flight inspection and introduction to the aircraft systems and controls. We'll then take a scenic flight, during which you will be encouraged to take control of the aircraft and get a feel for flying.

Taking off from Parakai

Redefine freedom & transform reality at Skydive Auckland with the highest tandem skydive in New Zealand at 18,000ft!

Check availability and Book Now.

Sky Dive Auckland plane and tandem parachute jumpers against a clear blue sky
Flight training plane on grass landing strip

Gyrocopter and Microlight flight training

Contact us to book a trail flight or lesson.

Options include trial flight, one hour lesson, 3 and 10 lesson packages. 

Fly over West Coast beaches, explore the Bay of Islands plus much more. 

Terms and Conditions for using the West Auckland Airport, Parakai and it's Facilities. 

By entering the West Auckland Airport, Parakai you are agreeing to the latest Terms/Conditions/Fees as published on the this website which are subject to change without notice.  

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Airport Landing Plate found in the AIP

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