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West Auckland Airport, Parakai, planes outside hangers at sunrise

West Auckland Airport Approach Info

Operational Procedures:

Radio: 123.5 mhz.  West Auckland Airport, Parakai is a Mandatory Broadcast Zone.

GPS: S36 39.06 E174 26.00  Elevation: 6 ft

Runway: 07 / 25 is 860m long, 740m x 8m of seal plus a 120m grass extension at the eastern end. In winter to avoid getting stuck, turn only at the turning bays.

Circuit and Skydiving: All circuits to the north, 07 LH, 25 RH.  To allow simultaneous aircraft and parachute operations, aircraft must join wide downwind, base or final (NOT overhead), stay below 500ft when over the runway, and climb straight out past the end of the runway before turning.

Parachutes are not permitted to cross the runway below 1000ft (they have wrist altimeters). 

If you hear an aircraft intending to join overhead, tell them that there is frequent skydiving and that they should join downwind, base or final.  Similarly, if you hear someone intending to transit overhead, advise them to pass well clear.

Wind direction is usually obvious from waves/toitoi or ask the parachute jump ship for runway in use. Be aware that the jump ship might land or takeoff downwind for its own operational reasons, but all aircraft (including rotorcraft) should fly a standard circuit according to the wind direction.  

Running Up: Do all the checks and run-ups clear of the runway and enter the runway only when ready to roll immediately. Gyros may need to pause briefly on the threshold to spin up their rotors. 

NOTAMs: For the most up to date live NOTAM information go to IFIS Airways  or  Go Pre Flight 

West Auckland Airport Runway 07 approach from the South West viewpoint

Runway 07

South West from the non traffic side. All circuits are to the north.

Run-up on the taxiways, or near the fuel pumps.  

Takeoff. Caution high ground to the east. Mandatory left turn on reaching the river.  Remain on the East side of the river during crosswind climb out to maintain separation from parachutes.   If going around, remain below 500ft and over the runway until past the end of the runway.

Runway 25

View from the North East

Run-up at the holding points on Taxiway 'W' (or the northern part of taxiway 'B'), to avoid blocking the taxiway intersection.   Do not enter the intersection or backtrack the runway until ready to roll immediately.

Landing: Many pilots fly a gently curving turn from early right base 25 to late final so as to descend over low farmland rather than the higher forest.   If going around, remain below 500ft and over the runway until past the end of the runway.

West Auckland Airport Runway 25 from the North East Aerial view
West Auckland Airport approach from the South


View from the South

Approaching from the south, Helensville to the right and Parakai town to the top left. Pass to either side of the airport, do not fly overhead due to frequent parachutes landing on a property immediately to the north of the airport.

Runway 07

Late final approach

Taxi way, hangers and Aeroclub all to the left.

West Auckland Airport final approach
Alpha Holding Point at the West Auckland Airport, Parakai

Holding point Alpha

Near the commercial loading apron.

Holding point Bravo

Near the hangers and visitor parking.

Bravo Holding Point at the West Auckland Airport, Parakai

Terms and Conditions for using the West Auckland Airport, Parakai and it's Facilities. 

By entering the West Auckland Airport, Parakai you are agreeing to the latest Terms/Conditions/Fees as published on the this website which are subject to change without notice.  

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Airport Landing Plate found in the AIP

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