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West Auckland Airport, Parakai

DynAero ZK-WIK having a test flight

Aircraft have a tight inspection and replacement schedule for many components... like a car but much more so, and not optional. DynAero ZK-WIK has just had its annual and five-year inspection by Leading Edge Engineering at West Auckland Airport, Parakai.

This is a major check... wings taken off for examination, the major spars checked for corrosion or signs of stress, critical bolts replaced (and not just elCheapo bolts out of the local hardware shop bin... proper certified engineering bolts), control mechanisms examined carefully, and various time-limited components replaced.

After work like this a test flight is necessary to make sure everything is in balance and handling correctly, and Harvey Lockie is setting off here to take it up for a set of handling exercises. Job well done by the engineers... no adjustments needed.

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