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West Auckland Airport planes and hangers sunrise Parakai

West Auckland Airport Company Ltd

The company purchased the airport property in 2005, and the same five shareholders/directors of the company have planned and overseen the airport development since then.


Carreen Lockie has a background in marketing and business management, having overseen the expansion of what was Lockie Computing from initial startup to exporting software to some 4000 Health Industry clients in four countries. 

Harvey Lockie is a pilot and Senior Flight Instructor who has been flying since 1984.  Harvey has a software background, having developed Health Industry software engines, initially for Lockie Computers and HealthSoft in Australia and NZ, now used under various names used by Corum Health (Australia), Boots the Chemist (UK) and Rx One (NZ) and others.

Simon Lockie is an airport management specialist with hands-on real world experience. He manages two Airports, and is the senior advisor for Lockie Airport Management providing regular consultancy services to airports. Simon has helped many airports manage a range of growth and development projects making many improvements over this time, resulting in many lessons learned. This has instilled a passion for helping other airports meet their potential through pragmatic solutions. Simon is also a pilot and qualified flight instructor who used to own his own flight school with has given him further insight into the needs of pilots and airfields.

Bryn Lockie is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with Inspection Authority. His engineering company Leading Edge Aviation is based at West Auckland Airport, Parakai where he also supplies, repacks and services BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute Systems for aircraft throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Tim Lockie maintains an active interest in the Aviation industry as a holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence for fixed wing and helicopter aircraft.

Terms and Conditions for using the West Auckland Airport, Parakai and it's Facilities. 

By entering the West Auckland Airport, Parakai you are agreeing to the latest Terms/Conditions/Fees as published on the this website which are subject to change without notice.  

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Airport Landing Plate found in the AIP

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