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West Auckland Airport, Parakai, planes outside hangers at sunrise

Future Plans

West Auckland Airport already generates employment for many people, both at the airport and in the surrounding area with local businesses providing services to the airport and the students, tourists and 'watchers' who come to train, fly or skydive.  

In future it is hoped to develop the airport into a Regional Airport serving the catchment of around 400,000 people for whom it is the nearest airport. This would generate substantial economic benefits to the area and greatly reduce the carbon footprint currently needing to drive to South Auckland through the congested Auckland city traffic for a domestic flight.


How would a Regional Airport fit into Parakai?

With the purchase of what is currently low productivity farm land, there would be ample space for the construction of a new runway and development of an  environmentally sensitive airport with buffer zones of ponding areas, walkways and other public areas.  


Business environment. The airport has a policy of using local businesses whenever possible and makes use of the services of these on a regular basis for Vehicles, Fuel, Electrical, Plumbing, Drainage, Earthmoving, Stormwater maintenance, Building Maintenance, Supply of Materials, Cleaning, Transport and General supplies.

The businesses operating from the Airport actively co-operate with other local tourism and accommodation businesses to promote the area for the benefit of all. Any suggestions for joint marketing or transport etc to bring more economic activity and jobs into the area are welcomed.

Copy of our Strategic Intentions.

Terms and Conditions for using the West Auckland Airport, Parakai and it's Facilities. 

By entering the West Auckland Airport, Parakai you are agreeing to the latest Terms/Conditions/Fees as published on the this website which are subject to change without notice.  

These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Airport Landing Plate found in the AIP

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