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Aircraft Portraits, Page Three:

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All photos taken at West Auckland Airfield (Parakai), West Auckland. Click on small photos to enlarge.


PIY was the jumpship for the Air Force skydiving display at the West Auckland 2010 Summer Fly in.

Seen here doing a low pass after dropping the jumpers.



Cessna 152, ZK-MDS

Cessna 152, ZK-MDS:

Paul McSherry's two seat Cessna 152 shared its container with ZK-MDV to arrive from the USA in May 2008.

Like the bigger four seat C172s, the two seat C152s are known for their reliability and ease of flying, are popular in NZ and many are used for flight training with ZK-MDS being on-line with the Parakai Flying School.


Alpi 300, ZK-CUZ:

A retractable undercarriage Alpi with a distinctive blue and silver colour scheme.

ZK-CUZ is based in the South Island, and is seen here during 'Logan's Safari 2008', a week long tour of the northern North Island by a group of ten Alpi aircraft in February 2008.


Alpi 300, ZK-CUZ

Foxcon Terrier, ZK-SOD



Foxcon 'Terrier', ZK-SOD:

In this photo the partly obscured plane is Anthony Matthews' Foxcon 'Terrier', based at Warkworth.

Photo taken at the West Auckland fly-in Feb 2007




Air Trainer, ZK-CTA:

Previously used by the NZ Air Force for initial pilot training, the Air Trainer is aerobatic rated with a hydraulic constant speed (variable pitch propeller) unit, and came in 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder versions.

ZK-CTA is a 6 cylinder version, owned by Hugh Jones and operated by the North Shore Aero Club, seen here visiting West Auckland Airfield (West Auckland).

Air Trainer, ZK-CTA

Zenair, ZK-SWW


Zenair, ZK-SWW:

A Zenair CH601-XL, owned by a syndicate of three owners, and is seen here visiting West Auckland with its nose in Leading Edge Aviation's hangar having a new 'DUC' (ground adjustable pitch) propeller fitted.

'DUC' props are carbon fibre and give a constant speed effect achieved by aerodynamic means rather than by adjustment of the pitch during flight.


Whitman, ZK-RET:

The Whitman 'Tailwind' is owned by Cliff Bellingham and based on the airstrip at his 'Glenbrook Airstrip' on his property near Waiuku, south of Auckland.

Seen here on a visit to West Auckland.


Whitman Tailwind, ZK-RET

GyroBee Gyrocopter, ZK-RDA



GyroBee Gyrocopter, ZK-RDA:

Oskar Stielau's GyroBee is a single person gyro, one of the 'minimalist' variety of aircraft with everything reduced to the basics.

ZK-RDA is the first of its type flying in NZ, with two others currently under construction.





Cal Parker Tweenie Two: ZK-DUO

This Tweenie Two has a polished aluminium finish, and is owned by Julian Thornton from Hamilton.



Tweenie Two, ZK-DUO


Foxcon 'Terrier', ZK-MEG



Foxcon 'Terrier', ZK-MEG:

Based at Opotiki, Graeme Addison's Foxcon Aviation 'Terrier' known as Meg, is a fast two seat aircraft with good range.






Aztec, ZK-ZFR

Built of composite materials, the 'Zephyr' has long and relatively thick section wings for good low speed handling for short airstrips.

Seen here taking part in the Northland Microlight Club's 21st birthday party at West Auckland, Dec 08.

Aztec Zephyr, ZK-ZFR


Rans Coyote, ZK-WMR


Rans Coyote, ZK-WMR:

A nosewheel Coyote, fabric over metal tube construction, the aircraft was built by Wim Laan and previously based at West Auckland.

ZK-WMR has since been sold and has moved to Rangiora in the South Island. It's hangar space is now occupied by a 'tail dragger' version of the same design.


Tecnam Eaglet, ZK-WTF

Purchased new in Dec 08 by the Northern Recreational Flying Club (NRFC) at Whangarei to replace their well loved original Tecnam, the early model 'Echo' ZK-EKO.

The 'Eaglet' is the later model that replaces the 'Echo', with many incremental improvements such as a more efficient wing and fuselage shape, hinged engine cover, tie down points on the wings, fuel overflow from the outer tips and a higher general standard of fitout.



Tecnam Eaglet, ZK-WTF


Jodel, ZK-SCJ



Jodel, ZK-SCJ:

Stephen Chilcott's single seat Jodel is a nicely fitted out aircraft, seen here visiting for the Northland Microlight Club's 21st birthday flyin and BBQ at West Auckland Airfield (Parakai).

The Jodels are constructed of fabric over a wooden frame by home builders, and are easily recognised by their turned up wingtips. They come in one and two seat variations.





Jodel D18, ZK-JAC:

Noel Bailey's Jodel is the single seat version. The Jodels are popular home-built aircraft constructed of fabric covering over a wooden frame.

The aircraft is based at Hamilton and was photographed while attending one of the Parakai Aviation Club's BBQ lunches.




Jaburu UL-7, ZK-CJP



Jabiru UL-7, ZK-CJP:

This Jabiru is a tail wheel variant, which gives a higher speed for the same power than the nose wheel (tricycle) variety.

The Jabiru's composite airframe allows for good streamlining and hence fast flight and long range. Owned by P Haywood and based at Rangiora, near Christchurch.





Cessna 150 Aerobat, ZK-DOF:

Bob Jago's Cessna 150 Aerobat is based at North Shore airfield, and is a good example of a popular 2 seat aerobatic type of aircraft.

Seen here visiting West Auckland for service.


Cessna 150 Aerobat, ZK-DOF



Tri-R, ZK-TEL:

A 'KIS' (Keep It Simple) kitset four seat aircraft made by the 'Tri-R' corp in the USA, ZK-TEL is registered in the 'experimental' class in NZ.

The fibreglass composite airframe allows for smooth streamlining and good speed while still having reasonable fuel consumption.



Aircam, ZK-SUN:

Cyril Wright's 'Aircam' is a highly specialised aircraft designed for low level filming in difficult locations.

The camera operator in the front seat has an uninterrupted view, the aircraft can fly slowly and quietly. It has 2 x Rotax 912 engines and can fly well on just one, to ensure that even an engine failure will not result in a forced landing, such as filming lions at low altitude in Africa where this could be 'inconvenient'.

The 'Aircam' was assembled and carried out its initial flight testing at West Auckland.


Aircam, ZK-SUN


Cessna 172, ZK-TAT

Cessna 172, ZK-TAT:

A Cessna 172 from Ardmore that came to West Auckland Airfield (Parakai) to fly cadets during the ATC camp held on the weekend of 16th May 09.



Cessna 172, ZK-JRE:

A Cessna 172 from Ardmore that shared the load of flying cadets during the ATC camp held on the weekend of 16th May 09.

Cessna 172, ZK-JRE



Cessna 206, ZK-DAS


Cessna 206, ZK-DAS:

This Cessna 206 is a six seat aircraft that was used by Blue Skies Skydiving during 2008 for lifting sports and tandem tourist skydivers from West Auckland.



Europa, ZK-EPA:

Gavin Lee's 'Europa XS' is one of the centre wheel variants, which have a single large wheel that retracts into a well in the centre of the fuselage. The outrigger wheels on the wings come down the the main wheel is lowered.

Europas also come in a conventional tricycle undercarriage version.

Europa XS, ZK-EPA



Thorp, ZK-MBY


Thorp, ZK-MBY

Owned by Michael Boyles, this Thorp is a homebuilt aircraft with a distinctive maroon colour.

Seen here at a Sports Aviation Assn (SAA) BBQ at West Auckland in June 09.



Zenith, ZK-ZXZ:

This Zenith CH601 visiting for the SAA winter BBQ in June 09.

The Zenith 601s have a 'Y' shaped central control stick allowing the one central stick to give control from either seat.

Zenith, ZK-ZXZ






Super-air's topdressing aircraft used to operate out of the 'Wings' airfield between Paparoa and Maungatoroto.

Seen here making use of West Auckland's long runway to carry good loads of cricket baits for a local farmer.



Bantam, ZK-FTJ:

Andrew Guyan's Bantam seen here at the Parakai Aviation Club's 'Shortest Day' BBQ, 20th June 09.

There are many Bantams based at West Auckland.

Bantam, ZK-FTJ



Challenger, ZK-MYC


Challenger, ZK-MYC:

A 'Quad City Challenger', Grant Corlett's aircraft has the optional side doors to keep out the breeze.

It is based at Grant's 'Warkworth South' airstrip.



Pulsar, ZK-KFC:

Cliff McChesney's 'Northern Aviation Adventure Group' owns this Pulsar XP which is based at Thames.

Attending the PAC 'Shortest Day' BBQ, June 09 with a large Border Collie (who enjoyed the sausages) in the back as copilot.

Pulsar, ZK-KFC



Cessna, ZK-CAA


Cessna 172, ZK-CAA

A nicely maintained early C172 'B' model Cessna is owned by Murray Smith and based at Ohaupo near Hamilton.



Sport Cruiser, ZK-JBZ:

John and Julie Bubb's Sport Cruiser flew in from Paeroa for the PAC 'Shortest Day' BBQ in June 09, joining company with the aircraft from Thames as they passed.

Czech Aviation Sport Cruiser, ZK-JBZ



Tecnam, ZK-SJS


Tecnam, ZK-SJS:

Stephen Robinson's retractible undercarriage Tecnam P2002S is based at Thames.

Max Dean and Stephen flew up for the PAC 'shortest day' BBQ June 09.

Challenger, ZK-TPL:

Anthony Lloyd's 'Quad City Challenger' aircraft is based near Warkworth.

The Challenger has a pusher propeller mounted on the back of the wing, which is an aircraft design that provides good ground clearance for the prop, and hence short legs are possible.

Challenger, ZK-TPL



Cessna 206, ZK-NOK


Cessna 206, ZK-NOK

A 2006 model Cessna 206, was imported by Nokomai Station in the South Island to replace the previous Cessna 206 NOK that was renamed to ZK-NOC when sold.

With a full instrument rated capability and glass cockpit ZK-NOK can fly anywhere at any time with a suitably rated pilot, and has a powerful turbo charged 540 c.i. engine.


Cessna 150, ZK-CXK:

The Cessna 150 'H' model is an early Cessna variant that flew in from North Shore airfield for the Parakai Aviation Club's 'Shortest Day' BBQ in June 09.

Cessna 150, ZK-CXK



Jabiru, ZK-CEN [Warren Butler photo]


Jabiru, ZK-CEN:

A Jabiru SK80 imported from South Africa in 2009 by Warren Butler. Jabiru also make engines that are used by other types of aircraft.

ZK-CEN is seen here taking part in the PAC's 'Shortest Day' BBQ in June 09.



Cessna 150, ZK-CXG:

Wayne Munro's Cessna 150 tied down for the night at West Auckland, is one of the many Cessna 150s and 152s in NZ... reliable 2 seat training aircraft in which many pilots have gained their licences.

Cessna, ZK-CXG



Mosquito, ZK-IOS


Mosquito, ZK-IOS:

Oskar Stielau's Mosquito helicopter, which took to the air for the first time in Sept 09.

Oskar also has a skeletal Mosquito without the cabin structure, but this one gives better protection from the wind.



Cessna 152, ZK-TUT:

"Toot" is a Cessna 152 owned by Judith Grant, one of the PPL/CPL instructors at West Auckland.

The aircraft was imported from the USA Sept 09 with Leading Edge Aviation tidying it up and doing the mods required for NZ specific requirements.


Cessna 152, ZK-TUT



Cessna 182, ZK-RDJ


Cessna 182, ZK-RDJ:

Based at North Shore, ZK-RDJ is a Cessna 182 with a 6 cylinder engine and owned by the Old Lake trust.

Seen here having flown to West Auckland for service at Leading Edge Aviation. The inspection panels under the wings are removed for inspection of the spars and control mechanisms.

The West Auckland Airfield (Parakai) courtesy car is available for owners of aircraft flying into West Auckland for service, or they can be collected by Bryn Lockie, flown to West Auckland for service and delivered back afterwards... good to have an engineer do a 'before and after' flight.



Cessna 152, ZK-MDK:

Another addition to Paul McSherry's growing fleet, imported in Sept 09 from the USA where it was 'N45992'.

In this photo, Leading Edge aviation have put in a new engine and done the mods for NZ specific requirements, and its ready for its final inspection by CAA.

Seen here on a training day instructing with Parakai Flying School.


Cessna 152, ZK-MDK



DynAero 'Club', ZK-SML

DynAero 'Club', ZK-SML:

Geoff Smale's DynAero MCR01 'Club' was a very well equipped aircraft with Hydraulic CSU prop, Oleo suspension, a full Flight Information 'glass panel', autopilot and many other extras.

Sadly lost in the Bryant Range near Nelson in April 2011.


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