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All photos taken at West Auckland Airport (Parakai). Click on small photos to enlarge.

Embraer, ZK-RDT:

ZK-RDT flew in for a film shoot at West Auckland Airport (West Auckland) in 2007, where it was a prop for a video... film crew, cameras and lights were used to set up the image of a South American airfield.

The toitoi in the background being a good approximation of South American pampas plants. Not clear why the palm fronds were there. This shot was taken with the plane lined up on West Auckland runway 25.

Owned by Air Chathams for use on the Chatham Islands run, the aircraft type is a Piper Chieftan made under licence by Embraer in Brazil.


Embraer, ZK-RDT


The Sting, ZK-STG


The Sting, ZK-STG:

The 'TL-2000 Sting', ZK-STG, is based at North Shore Airfield, and seen here visiting West Auckland for maintenance.

The designers of 'The Sting' have taken advantage of the freedom that composite airframes allow, to build smooth aerodynamic curves and thus a fast aircraft with low fuel consumption.

ZK-STG runs a Rotax 912S flat four engine of 1350cc, giving quiet operation and good fuel economy on normal unleaded petrol.



Cessna Caravan:

Previously based at Springhill Airfield near Wellsford, this Cessna Caravan is fitted with a luggage compartment underneath for extra carrying capacity.

Cessna Caravans have a turbo-prop engine and are popular with operators of short range commercial air services as they can use small town airfields not suitable for larger aircraft.


Cessna Caravan

Schweizer 300CBi Helicopter

Schweizer 300CBi:

Seen here doing a 'touch and go' along runway 07 at West Auckland.

The 'Schweizer 300' follows a 'minimalist' approach to helicopter design. The effort has gone into reducing panelling and structure to the essentials, in order to save weight and allow high performance with reasonable fuel consumption for training.




Cessna 172, ZK-EOG

ZK-EOG is a Cessa 172N, with drag reducing wingtips, a 180 hp motor and Pen Yan propeller. The aircraft has a three axis autopilot slaved into the GPS which means that it is capable of following a predefined route by itself. It is fully IRF equipped with all essential instruments having duplicate redundancy allowing it to fly into controlled airspace in cloud or at night if it has a suitably rated pilot.

Amongst ZK-EOG's previous syndicate owners are Gerard Hall, Harvey Lockie, Phil Pacey. And Dave Simpson who is the current owner. (Not the Dave Simpson who is the West Auckland Instructor.)





Cessna 172, ZK-EOG



Zenair 601, ZK-MZP

Zenair 601, ZK-MZP:

A Czech aircraft with a wooden frame and aluminium cladding, able to be flown on a Microlight licence.

Engine is a Rotax 912S engine, fitted with a ground adjustable 3 bladed propeller. The Zenair has a large wing area and thick wing section giving a stall speed of only 27 knots, giving it forgiving flying characteristics.



Cessna Cardinal, ZK-DWU

Michael Redgrave's Cessna Cardinal at the 2009 West Auckland Fly-in. ZK-DWU is currently based at North Shore airfield, having previously been at Taieri near Dunedin in the South Island. Note the venturi exhaust extractor just above the front wheel, to provide better power output at speed.

The 'Cardinal' is a longer and higher performance aircraft that was intended to be a replacement for the Cessna 172, however, the Cessna 172 refused to be replaced and continued in production.



Cessna Cardinal, ZK-DWU


Mosquito Helicopter, ZK-IXE



Mosquito Helicopter, ZK-IXE:

Seen here at the 2009 West Auckland Fly in, the Mosquito is a microlight helicopter with a high level of equipment and fitout... and paintwork.




Alpi 200, ZK-LPI:

Peter Randal's aircraft is based on his farm at Te Kopuru on the Northern Kaipara harbour, which makes West Auckland a convenient place to land when visiting Auckland.

Alpis are an Italian wooden framed and fabric/aluminium clad aircraft with the '200' model having fixed undercarriage and '300' being retractable. ZK-LPI has a Rotax 912, flat four cylinder engine of 1350cc.




Alpi 200, ZK-LPI

Alpi 300, ZK-SHL

Alpi 300, ZK-SHL:

This photo shows the Alpi 300 doing a fast pass down runway 07 during the 2006 Fly-in at West Auckland Airport (Parakai).

ZK-SHL is a retractable undercarriage aircraft, and came to the fly-in from its base in the South Island, doing the leg from Rangiora (near Christchurch) to West Auckland non-stop in 4.5 hours.

The Alpi 300s are fast, taking 2nd and 3rd places in the 'under 544kg' class at NZ Air Games at Wanaka in December 2007, with a speed of over 140 knots (260 km/h).

Alpi 200, ZK-LPM:

Owned by Bruce Ussher and now based at Kerikeri.

Previously owned by Edward Nee Nee, who had it to commute between West Auckland and Great Barrier Island.

This photo was taken when ZK-LPM was on display for sale at West Auckland by Leading Edge Aviation's brokerage service...



Alpi 200, ZK-LPM


Piper, ZK-EFP


Piper PA28, ZK-EFP:

This Piper was on a visit to Auckland from its previous base at Wanganui when this photo was taken.

Since then it has been purchased by Middle Earth Flying School's Piper and is now based at Otorohanga.


Rans RV4, ZK-RVV:

The Rans aircraft are homebuilt from a basic kitset that requires a lot of time and hard work to turn into a finished aircraft.

Amateur built aircraft are checked at critical stages by CAA appointed inspectors, and go through a testing process when finished they are registered in the 'experimental' class as they are amateur built.

Like many other 'RVs' in NZ, ZK-RVV is a beautifully finished aircraft that has been built to a high standard.


Rans RV4, ZK-RVV






One of Super Air's topdressing planes based at Paparoa near Maungatoroto, the Cresco is seen here loading cricket pellets for dropping on farms near West Auckland.

For economical spreading by air it is important that the loading airstrip is close to the drop zone and long enough to allow full loads to be lifted safely.


Sea Rey Amphibian, ZK-SRY:

Mike Carlielle's 'Sea Rey' is based at North Shore and sometimes seen landing on the rivers, lakes and sheltered bays around the area.

For landing on a runway the wheels swing down as seen here for a normal landing.

For water landings (and in flight to reduce drag) the wheels rotate back to tuck up under the wing struts.



Sea Rey amphibian, ZK-SRY


Tecnam JF, ZK-TVB


Tecnam JF, ZK-TVB:

Partly obscured by the yellow Falco, is Auckland Flight Training's certified Tecnam JF, ZK-TVB.

The Tecnams can conform to either the microlight or certified aircraft regulations depending on fitout, so can be registered as a Microlight to fly on a ML certificate, or as a certified aircraft to be flown on a PPL.

ZK-TVB is based at Ardmore.


Alpi, ZK-JRA ?:

Alpi 200 at a West Auckland fly-in, registration JBA, JRA?? uncertain.

Logan McLean, the NZ Alpi agent, is standing by the cockpit.

In the background, a Sukoi aerobatic plane is turning onto the grass taxway to follow the yellow Falco to the holding point for runway 25.



Alpi 200, ZK-CJW


Alpi 300, ZK-CJW:

Colin Wade's retractable Alpi 300, see here as part of the big display of Alpis at a West Auckland fly-in.

Alpi 200, ZK-LPJ:

Peter Mullooly's Alpi 200, based at Whakatane, is seen here picketed for the night with other Alpis during a 'Logan's Fly in' held at West Auckland.



Alpi 200, ZK-LPJ


Alpi 300, ZK-CJN


Alpi 300 ZK-CJN:

Colin Nagel's Alpi 300 retractable undercarriage aircraft, based at Hood Aerodrome, Masterton.

Seen here overnighting during one of the 'Logan's Fly in' events held at West Auckland.


Eagle Autogyro, ZK-RGG:

Tony Unwin's MT03 Eagle.

The rotor of an autogyro is free to rotate in the airflow and generates lift as it revolves. The engine drives the pusher propellor and there is no drive to the rotor except for a 'pre rotator' which spins it up before the takeoff run commences. in order to shorten the run.

Despite the appearance, autogyros are a 3rd type of aircraft with quite different flying characteristics, and aerodynamics, than either airplanes or helicopters. Tony is a Gyrocopter instructor based at Tauranga.



Eagle autogyro, ZK-RGG


Sukoi SU-29, ZK-SUK


Sukoi, ZK-SUK:

Rob Fry's Sukoi Su-29 is a high performance unlimited class competition aircraft, a type often seen in the top level aerobatic displays and pylon air races. Rob flys with Jurgis Kairys worldwide in the Air Bandits aerobatics group.

The engine is a nine cylinder geared radial engine producing 360 hp, with all systems capable of operating for an unlimited time in any attitude, including upside down.


Alpi 200, ZK-LPA:

Graham Stokes' aircraft is based at Whangarei, seen here at West Auckland on a visit to Auckland.

Alpis are an Italian wooden framed and fabric/aluminium clad aircraft with a fixed undercarriage and ZK-LPA has a Rotax 912, flat four cylinder engine of 1350cc.

The Rotax 912 engines have a relatively large propeller geared down 2.4 to 1, so that when the engine is at 5000 rpm the prop is turning at around 2100 rpm. A large prop turning slowly gives more efficient fuel consumption and is much quieter than a smaller prop turning at high revs.


Alpi 200, ZK-LPA

Mosquito Helicopter, ZK-HNG



Mosquito XEL, ZK-HNG:

Oskar Stielau's Mosquito XEL helicopter is a single person aircraft, aviation reduced to the basics.

The Mosquito is a complete helicopter with everything necessary for safe flight, but to keep the weight down (and weight is critical for helicopter performance) and allow quick building of the kitset, absolutely no frills.





Eurocopter: ZK-HEK

Powerful and fast, the Eurocopters are easily recognised by the 'fenestrated' tail rotor, where the tail rotor occupies a window in the tail boom. This increases the flight efficiency and gives Eurocopters a distinctive appearance and sound.

ZK-HEK is a Eurocopter EC 120 B, based at Hamilton, and seen here at West Auckland Airport (Parakai) exchanging ground staff while doing commercial power line inspection work in the South Head area after a storm.



Eurocopter, ZK-HEK


Cessna 172, ZK-EJR



Cessna 172, ZK-EJR:

The Rodney Aero Club's Cessna 172, ZK-EJR on a visit from the Club's home base at Kaipara Flats.

Kaipara Flats airfield near Warkworth is about 12 minutes flying time from West Auckland.






Rotor Hawk 'Falcon', ZK-RDF

Owned by Geoff Woodward, the Rotor Hawk 'Falcon' is a single seat gyrocoptor with a good turn of speed.

Gyros requre a run like a plane to get airborne, but much shorter if the rotor is pre-rotated to get it spinning before the takeoff run.

ZK-RDF is based at Geoff's farm at Tahekaroa and uses West Auckland when it needs an official airfield.


Rotor Hawk 'Falcon', ZK-RDF


Titan Tornado, ZK-JKD



Titan Tornado, ZK-JKD:

Tornados are normally parked with the nose wheel off the ground, as in this photo but once a pilot is on board the nosewheel is on the ground for taxying and takeoff run.

With the engine a 'pusher' mounted on the wing, the design allows for a low fuselage with short legs while still having a good ground clearance for the prop.






Rans RV6, ZK-PRV

Kevin Paulsen's, an aircraft engineer, owns this very nicely presented RV6.

The RV4 and RV6 are popular planes for those wanting to build from a kitset and are usually registered under the 'experimental' category.



Rans RV6, ZK-PRV


Zenair 701 STOL, ZK-LOK



Zenair 701 STOL, ZK-LOK:

Niol Lockington's Zenair is an example of the popular Zenair '701' aircraft, and lives on a private farm airstrip.

ZK-LOK is 'Short Take Off and Landing' (STOL) aircraft.

The thick leading edge slats (painted red on ZK-LOK and extending into the airflow ahead of the white wings) and wide wheels are ideal for operating with good safety margins for operating from short and rough farm airstrips.







Alpi 300, ZK-LPD:

Peter Donald's Alpi 300 is based at Palmerston North, and visited West Auckland for the 2007 fly-in.

Seen here as part of the Alpi aircraft display with ZK-XLD, ZK-ZAM, ZK-LPM and many other aircraft in the background.

Alpi 300, ZK-LPD

Alpi 300, ZK-LPX



Alpi 300, ZK-LPX:

The retractible undercarriage Alpi is owned by the Rex Swensson and based at his airstrip at Makarau.

Alpis are Italian aircraft with a wooden airframe and fabric/aluminium cladding. ZK-LPX is an 'Alpi 300' with a retractable undercarriage.





Jabiru J200, ZK-ORN:

Owned by Dennis Horne, the Jabiru is an Australian designed aircraft with composite construction giving a smooth shape and a good turn of speed.

They normally use Jabiru or Rotax engines.



Jabiru J200, ZK-ORN


Fisher, ZK-SOL



Fisher Dakota Hawk, ZK-SOL:

Gary Mitchell's Fisher ZK-SOL is seen here at the Northland Microlight Club's 21st birthday celebration at West Auckland.





Avid, ZK-PCL

Ron Leach's Avid Flyer has transparent doors giving very good visibility of the passing scenery.

'Avid' aircraft are a popular aircraft with kit builders being relatively easy to build, making a robust aircraft with forgiving flight characteristics.


Avid, ZK-PCL


Furio, ZK-LLG



Furio, ZK-LLG:

Giovanni Nustrini's 'Furio' is the #1 prototype from the production line at Falcocomposite Ltd's factory at Ardmore.

A very high performance aircraft generally seen disappearing into the distance, with a distinctive sound and appearance.

Seen here with Giovanni discussing the finer points of the front suspension with a fellow aviator.



Murphy 'Rebel', ZK-DKZ

This nicely fitted out Murphy 'Rebel' dropped in at West Auckland on one of its early flights, after being built over the previous six years by David Horton (owner) assisted by Brian Wigley.




Murphy 'Rebel', ZK-DKZ


Jabiru, ZK-DAM



Jabiru, ZK-DAM:

Colin Ashby's Jabiru SK80 aircraft has a Jabiru 4 cylinder engine, and is based at Kaipara Flats airfield near Warkworth.

A composite airframe aircraft with smooth lines, seen here visiting West Auckland for service by Leading Edge Aviation at their engineering hangar.





Jodel, ZK-EDG

Tony Den Haan's nicely presented Jodel D11. A popular type of home built aircraft, wooden frame covered with fabric. Jodels are easily recognised by their characteristic turned up wingtips.




Jodel ZK-EDG


Tecnam, ZK-SRG



Tecnam, ZK-SRG:

Giovanni Nustrini of Tecnam NZ with a new 'Sierra' model with retractible undercarriage. On display at the 2009 West Auckland fly-in.

Tecnam NZ are the importers of these Italian manufactured aircraft , some of which can be registered in either the Microlight or Certified aircraft categories.





Bantam, ZK-FWJ:

Peter Barrowman's 'Bantam' is based at West Auckland.

A side by side two seat aircraft, Bantams are built at Te Kowhai near Hamilton and are just the thing for people who like 'wind in the hair' basic aviation, great for seeing the sights on a nice day.




Bantam, ZK-FWJ


Cessna 172, ZK-BZU



Cessna 172, ZK-BZU:

Peter McKay's Cessna 172b... an early model Cessna 172 in nice condition and well cared for, seen here at the 2009 West Auckland fly-in.





De Havilland 'Chipmunk', ZK-RFS (WB693):

Bryan Stokes De Havilland 'Chipmunk' WB693, at the West Auckland fly-in 2009.

These aircraft were popular airforce training aircraft for many air forces around the world, and also used for liason between air bases.




De Havilland Chipmunk, ZK-RFS (WB693)


Remos, ZK-PRH



Remos, ZK-PRH:

Philip Hart's 'Remos' is a composite airframe aircraft based to the South. Seen here at the 2009 West Auckland fly-in.





Cessna 206, ZK-CRW:

Imported from the USA in 2008, the Cessna 206 turbo is seen here about to fly away after Leading Edge Aviation have assembled it, fitted it out to NZ requirements, placed it on the NZ register and set it up for use as a skydive jump ship.

Owned by the Auckland Skydiving Club and based at Whenuapai.




Cessna 206 Turbo, ZK-CRW


Cessna 172, ZK-ELY



Cessna 172, ZK-ELY:

A Cessna 172N manufactured in 1979, this aircraft is owned by the Pukekohe Flying Group, and seen here on a visit to West Auckland.





Cessna 172R, ZK-TAU:

One of a fleet of recently built Cessna 172s operated by Ardmore Flying School.

Flights between Ardmore and West Auckland are a good training exercise for students as they involve moving through several radio frequency zones with different reporting requirements.





Eagle gyro, ZK-RBG



Eagle Gyro, ZK-RBG:

Oskar Stielau's new Eagle gyro, which arrived at West Auckland in March 2010.

This aircraft adds to Oskar's growing fleet of rotorcraft based at West Auckland, and is the first two person (and four stroke engine) of Oskar's.




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