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West Auckland Airport, 76 Green Rd, Parakai, West Auckland. Road Map.. Ph 09 420.8010



West Auckland Airport Parakai is available for General Aviation, drop-in visitors welcome. Radio 123.5 in MBZ.  Due to frequent skydiving, please join downwind, base or final (not overhead).  Visitor parking by the hangars down taxiway


Welcome to ZK-HWV:   A recent arrival is microlight helicopter ZK-HWV, seen here in its box when first unwrapped, and being taken to its new home.   Around the world there is a lot of development work being done into helicopters of all types, from the small to the large.   We've not yet seen any of the electric helos, but they're coming...

ZK-HWV well fastened down in the box 
ZK-HWV.  No heavy ground equipment required to move one of these.


West Auckland Airport Parakai: Facilities & Services. Visitor facilities with tea / coffee / cold drinks / toilets in Pilot Lounge.   Icecreams and more cold drinks are often available at the skydiving base across the road.  

Aircraft Engineering, Skydiving, Introductory flights and Flight Training for PPL/CPL, Microlights and Gyrocopters. Aircraft parking, Hangarage, Hangar building sites.

Phone first 09 420 8010 if you will need fuel, as sometimes we're all off flying.

Commercial opportunities exist for new operators at West Auckland.


31 Years ago:   June 1988.   From the archives.   A skydive plane on runway 07 lifts off with another 3 or 4 skydivers on board.  In those days small aircraft with large piston engines burning leaded fuel were used, which required a lot of flights and plenty of dust from the limestone runway, which was not sealed until many years later.  Aviation never stands still, and skydiving now uses the PAC 750 which can lift 17 jumpers at a time, and uses a slow turning prop driven by a turbo-prop engine using unleaded avtur fuel.   No dust, no lead, a lot less noise, and a lot more economic activity for the area.

June 1988. Skydiving plane takeoff with landed parachute (or target?) in foreground

Heavy Maintenance for Tecnam ZK-CDL:   Every 1200 hours of flight there is a heavy maintenance schedule, with the wings and tail taken off and inspected, and critical bolts replaced.  While the plane is out of the air for the mechanical work, the seats and door linings have been to the upholsterer for recovering, and the airframe is to be repainted. 

ZK-CDL Heavy maintenance, June 19.   Fuselage stripped down. 
ZK-CDL Heavy maintenance, June 19.   Wing under inspection.   In the background, the Dynaero ZK-WIK has its engine cowlings off ready for repainting.



Coming Events:

20th - 21st - 22nd September.   Hood Aerodrome Masterton NZMS:  90th birthday for this active Aero club on an aerodrome that has a wide selection of aircraft.   It is sometimes possible to see Peter Jackson's WW1 replicas, built to the original plans using materials of the time.


 Northland Aviation Club, Proposed events: 

Sat 7th December:  Christmas Flyin and BBQ at Kaipara Flats – organized by Tim Harrison/Keith Morris.

Tuesday 31 December - Whananaki Flyin – organized by Martin Farrand,

January 2020 - date TBA-  Pancake Breakfast Flyin at Kaipara Flats – Organised by Tim Harrison/Brian Millet

Saturday 22 February 2020 - Mata Flyin – to be organized by Brian Millett

February 2020 - date TBA - The Poker Run

Beach Landing and picnic? – to be organized by Tim Harrison tba

Waiheke Flyaway? – to be organized by Trevor Dance. tba

Possible Makarau Flyin? – Will be organised by Brian Leach. Date tba

Possible overnight flyaway to Great Barrier Island? tba





DARGAVILLE NZDA: Every Saturday. Fly in for lunch. Famous throught the north for it's lamb on a spit, and usually draws a good crowd of hungry aviators. Clubhouse Ph 09 439 8024. Click here for airfield details.

COROMANDEL NZCX:  Second Sunday of each month from 12:30. Clubhouse Ph 07 866 2055. Click here for airfield details.

WHANGAREI NZWR: Last Saturday of each month at hangar 10, the Western end of the row of hangars.  Whangarei Flying Club meeting at 10:30 with lunch to follow.  Clubhouse phone 09 436 4053.  Click here for airfield details.

MATAMATA NZMA:   Last Sunday of every month from 12 noon. BBQ flyin.  BYO meat for BBQ + gold coin.  Click here for airfield details.



Tower and Engineering

 West Auckland Airport Parakai, from the NE on mid right base for 25. Click for larger photo


 West Auckland Airport Parakai, from the SW (non traffic side).  Click for larger photo

This is webpage is updated weekly, apart from 'Coming Events' which are updated as soon as known.Parakai Aero

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