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West Auckland Airport, 76 Green Rd, Parakai, West Auckland. Road Map.. Ph 09 420.8010



Commercial Aviation in West Auckland:

Commercial Opportunities: The airport is open to all types of Aviation related operations. All businesses operate on a 'non exclusive' basis with others free to start up and compete with existing businesses at any time, including those wishing to compete with an established Lockie family business.

Special Events: If holding a special event, such as large BBQ, fly-in, or video production... anything that is going to spill beyond the buildings you rent or involve non-aviation people going airside, please check with the Airport Management to book space and for pricing details. Click on Special Events at West Auckland Airport Parakai for the requirements for special events.


Looking west from the taxiway near the hangars. Visible in the distance is the Pilot Lounge and Airport Office , which is the building with the big windows partly obscured to the left of the hangars. The Manager's House is the curved roof building behind the helicopter. The threshhold of runway 07 is just visible to the left. The Hall and Tower buildings are out of sight behind the hangars.


New Business Ventures: The Airport Management is available to talk to anyone wishing to start a new Aviation Related venture on the airport. Or to open a branch of an existing operation to tap into the large tourist population of Auckland City, and those Auckland residents (around 250,000 in West Auckland) for whom West Auckland Airport is the nearest airfield. Since the NW motorway was extended in 2011, the airport is 34 minutes by road from Central Auckland (Spaghetti Junction).

New businesses wishing to establish at West Auckland need to be adequately capitalised and have a simple business plan showing how they intend to promote the business to become fully viable in a short time.

Of most interest are those operators able to provide a 'complete package' to customers...  for example, rather than considering Scenic Flights to be just an aviation activity, flights should be considered part of a complete adverture package for tourists... with a significant advertising budget, professionally produced advert materials, organised pickup from hotels, photos of the passengers in the plane, and perhaps a Tee shirt for those clients wanting a momento, and delivery back to their hotel with brochures to give their friends.  Many of these services could be subcontracted out or done in conjunction with other operators on the airfield.  It is seen as important that all businesses operating out of West Auckland Airport have a polished and professional 'complete' package in order to be successful and enhance the development of the airport.

For new operators getting established with no existing business infrastructure, the Airport can provide temporary shared use of the Pulot Lounge and its briefing area.  This would be no charge for up to three months and then a nw business would be expected to be viable enough to rent (part of?) the Hall or other building.   The Airport can provide an aircraft / instructor / facility booking system and page on this website, at no charge to a new business with a sound plan for developing their own business and bringing more business to the Airport.

Overview: West Auckland Airport Parakai is owned by the Lockie family, 'The Parakai Story', Pacific Wings Magazine. They are continuing to develop the airport to serve West Auckland, with a full range of aviation related services and all types of GA operation supported. The airport manager, Simon Lockie, lives on the airport to provide a good level of security for aircraft, buildings and equipment.

View from inside the Pilot Lounge, looking into the Airport Office.


Resource Management and Planning Consents: An airfield was established at Green Rd Parakai in the 1960s, and moved to the current site in 1984. Rodney County Council 'Planning Consent' (as it was called then) was obtained in May 1984, allowing for construction over time of a runway up to 1000m x 60m with aircraft manouvering areas, hangars, control tower, terminal and ancilliary buildings. In 2002 the Rodney District Council (RDC) formalised the existing height protection for a 1:20 approach fan out to 1200m from each end of the runway as part of the RDCs requirement to prevent any change that would interfere with the operations of the airfield as an essential infrastructure amenity for the district. There is 860m of usable runway, and the terrain allows this to be extended to 1000m if a new operator requires more length for their operations. The runway is set to the Western end of the property in order to give maxmum clearance from the high ground of Mt Rex to the East. The facility was known as 'Parakai Airfield' until it was renamed 'West Auckland Airport' in 2011.


West Auckland Airport (Parakai) from the South West, May 2009.  Since then an additional eight hangars have been built and the concrete taxyways extended. The property is rectangular, just over 1km long.


Opportunities 2016:

Adventure Operations:

There are many local adventure tourism operators in the area (Horse trekking, Quad bikes, Tree Adventures, Hot pools, Paintball, Flight Experience, Skydiving, Aerobatics), and the Airport wants to encourage other Tourist Adventure Operations. A new operator could share the Pilot Lounge and briefing areas with the existing smaller flying schools, for up to three months during establishment.


Existing Operators 2016:

Skydive Auckland: Operates a commercial tandem skydive business, with its aircraft taking off and landing at the Airport, and its ground operations and parachute landings across the road giving enough separation to allow simultaneous aircraft and parachute landings.

NZ Skydive School: A division of Skydive Auckland, providing skydive training for both students wanting to become commercial skydive tandem masters, and for recreational jumpers. Skydive Auckland have some accomodation for students on their property, with others staying at the bunkhouse on the Airport or in accomodation in the Parakai / Helensville area.

XFlight: Operates commercial Aerobatics Flights for tourists and locals, using their fully aerobatic Robin aircraft, ZK-SPN and ZK-XRA. They also run an Aerobatic flight training school for experienced pilots. All aircraft are dual seat and dual control.

Fly West Microlight Academy: The academy provides flight training leading to a Microlight Pilot Certificate in modern three-axis advanced microlights, and weight-shift (Trike) microlights. A Tecnam Echo Super dual seat dual control advanced microlight is available 'on line' for hire through FlyWest, by suitably licenced and experienced pilots.

West Flight Aviation Academy: Provides Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training from initial trial flights to full licence, in Robin abd Cessna aircraft. All aircraft are dual control.

Gyrate Auckland: Provides trial flights and flight training in a modern two seat dual control gyrocopters, and import / sales of a factory manufactured German advanced gyrocopter.

Leading Edge Aviation Holdings Pty Ltd (Whole-aircraft Parachutes): Bryn Lockie's Leading Edge is distributor and authorised servicing station for all three brands of 'whole aircraft' parachutes, and services Australia, NZ, the South Pacific, and SE Asia.

Leading Edge Aviation (Engineering): Provides a full range of aircraft engineering with NZ and USA Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, and is an 'Inspection Authority' able to fly in to carry out Annual Reviews of Airworthiness (ARAs) on behalf of other engineering businesses at their home airfield, and able to sign off after major rebuilds. It operates from its engineering hangar in the Tower building at West Auckland. The Leading Edge engineers can also carry out minor jobs at an aircraft's home hangar at North Shore or Whenuapai airfields, or fly to remote airfields on rescue missions.

'Aimm' Aerodrome Management System is a 'Cloud' (Internet) based computer system that aircraft monitors movements for many aerodromes in NZ and Australia. Aimm has its physical base at West Auckland Airport.

Parakai Aviation Club (PAC), Northland Microlight Club (NMC) and Auckland Regional Microlight Aircraft Club (ARMAC) use the Airport and its GA clubrooms for clubs events and fly-ins.


These businesses and clubs bring a lot of commercial activity into the Parakai / Helensville area, and create around 80 jobs on and off the airport.


Aircraft being serviced at Leading Edge Aviation's maintenance hangar.



View from the Xflight and WestFlight building, looking east. The airfield courtesy car, available for visiting aviators (just replace the fuel used), is parked against the white posts.



Office: A shared serviced office is available for early stage businesses operating from the Airport, providing customer reception, EFTPoS, phone, fax, copier, computer and printer, broadband, briefing room and links or pages on this West Auckland Airport Parakai website.

Pilot Lounge: Is available for local and visiting pilots, and their guests.   Usually assessible to pilots 24 / 7 / 365.     

Fuel: Avgas and Mogas 97 octane are sometimes available for visiting aviators during business hours (or after hours by arrangement). Skydive Auckland have JetA1 for their own use.

Pilot Lounge, looking onto the deck with the apron and runway beyond.



Tauranga Aero Club Rally waiting for their briefing in the hall

Hangars: Space is available to ground rent for those wishing to build their own hangars. A full commerical ground lease for 6 years with right of renewal is available for the security of those wishing to build.   As at December 2016 there were 11 privately owned hangars, and two owned by the Airport for its own use.



-- For Airport Operational Information, fuel sales (when available), new business enquiries, building of hangars, hangar space etc: Airport Manager, Simon Lockie, Ph 09 420 8010. Email:

-- For Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs, BRS 'whole-aircraft' Parachutes, Import/Export of aircraft: Bryn Lockie, Leading Edge Aviation Ltd, Ph 021 681-900. Email:

For Fuel sales, Flight training, Licence conversions and BFRs, and other business enquiries refer to the businesses concerned... see adverts on the LHS of this page.

-- Fuel

- Mogas and AvGas are sometimes available.   Avgas sales handled by Simon Lockie, Ph 09 420 8010. Email:

- AvTur turbine fuel is owned by SkyDive Auckland, contact details on LHS.


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